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Symbols used on noliac.com

This table consists of list of the symbols used on noliac.com. You will also find a short description of each symbol and the matching unit.

Symbol Description Unit
A Electrode surface area mm2
BF Blocking force N
c (c11, c33, etc.) Stiffness coefficient N • m-2
cD (c11D, c33D, etc.) Stiffness coefficient, constant dielectric displacement N • m-2
cE (c11E, c33E, etc.) Stiffness coefficient, constant field N • m-2
c Viscous damping N • s • m-1
C Capacitance F
Cd Static capacitance F
d (d31, d33, etc.) Piezoelectric charge constants C • N-1
D (D1, D2, etc.) Charge density components C • m-2
δL Displacement m
δθ Position jitter °
E (E1, E3) Electric field components V • m-1
εT(ε11T33T) Dielectric permittivity F • m-1
f Frequency Hz
fa Anti-resonance frequency Hz
Fb Blocking force N
Fdyn Dynamic force N
Fext. External force applied on the system N
Fpiezo Modeled piezo effect N
fr Resonance frequency Hz
FS Free stroke m
fx Modeled piezo effect N
g (g31, g33, etc.) Piezoelectric voltage constants m2 • C-1
Iin Input current A
Imax Maximum current A
k Stiffness N • m-1
K0 Stiffness of spring N • m-1
k31 Transverse coupling factor
k33 Longitudinal coupling factor
keff Effective electromechanical coupling factor
kp Planar coupling factor
kt Thickness coupling factor
L Inductance H
L Length mm
λ Wawelength
L0 Initial length mm
m Mass kg
meff Effective moving mass kg
n Turns ratio of transformer
NNDR Number of points per cycle generated by the NDR
NPAD Reduction ration (number of teeth) of PAD
Np Frequency constant for radial mode Hz • m
Nt Frequency constant for thickness mode Hz • m
P Average power W
q Charge parameter C
Qm Mechanical quality factor
R Resistance Ohm
S (S1, S2, etc.) Strain components
sD (s11D, s33D, etc.) Compliance coefficients, constant dielectric displacement m2 • N-1
sE (s11E, s33E, etc.) Compliance coefficients, constant field m2 • N-1
tcharge Charging time s
T (T1, T2, etc.) Stress components N • m-2
tan (δ) Apparent dissipation factor or loss factor
θmin Angular resolution °
U Voltage V
Umax Maximum recommended voltage V
Uout Output voltage of Mason model V
Up-p Peak to peak voltage V
Upiezo Modeled piezo effect N
VDC Supply voltage V
Vin Input voltage V
Vp-p Peak to peak voltage V
Vref Reference voltage V
W width mm
x Position parameter m
Zm Minimum impedance at resonance Ohm

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