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Symbols used on noliac.com

This table consists of list of the symbols used on noliac.com. You will also find a short description of each symbol and the matching unit.

AElectrode surface areamm2
BFBlocking forceN
c (c11, c33, etc.)Stiffness coefficientN • m-2
cD (c11D, c33D, etc.)Stiffness coefficient, constant dielectric displacementN • m-2
cE (c11E, c33E, etc.)Stiffness coefficient, constant fieldN • m-2
cViscous damping N • s • m-1
CdStatic capacitanceF
d (d31, d33, etc.)Piezoelectric charge constants C • N-1
D (D1, D2, etc.)Charge density componentsC • m-2
δθPosition jitter°
E (E1, E3)Electric field componentsV • m-1
εT(ε11T33T)Dielectric permittivity F • m-1
faAnti-resonance frequencyHz
FbBlocking forceN
FdynDynamic forceN
Fext.External force applied on the system N
FpiezoModeled piezo effect N
frResonance frequencyHz
FSFree strokem
fxModeled piezo effect N
g (g31, g33, etc.)Piezoelectric voltage constants m2 • C-1
IinInput currentA
ImaxMaximum currentA
kStiffnessN • m-1
K0Stiffness of spring N • m-1
k31Transverse coupling factor
k33Longitudinal coupling factor
keffEffective electromechanical coupling factor
kpPlanar coupling factor
ktThickness coupling factor
L0Initial lengthmm
meffEffective moving masskg
nTurns ratio of transformer
NNDRNumber of points per cycle generated by the NDR
NPADReduction ration (number of teeth) of PAD
NpFrequency constant for radial modeHz • m
NtFrequency constant for thickness modeHz • m
PAverage powerW
qCharge parameterC
QmMechanical quality factor
S (S1, S2, etc.)Strain components
sD (s11D, s33D, etc.)Compliance coefficients, constant dielectric displacementm2 • N-1
sE (s11E, s33E, etc.)Compliance coefficients, constant fieldm2 • N-1
tchargeCharging times
T (T1, T2, etc.)Stress components N • m-2
tan (δ)Apparent dissipation factor or loss factor
θminAngular resolution°
UmaxMaximum recommended voltage V
UoutOutput voltage of Mason modelV
Up-pPeak to peak voltageV
UpiezoModeled piezo effect N
VDCSupply voltageV
VinInput voltageV
Vp-pPeak to peak voltageV
VrefReference voltageV
xPosition parameterm
ZmMinimum impedance at resonanceOhm

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