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27-10-2014 It takes your piezo partner to get there!
Noliac is your piezo partner and this is fundamental in getting our advanced technology ready for use in the customer’s products. At the conference, “Smart Actuation Applications”, Noliac presented two examples of successful long-term partnerships. ...
20-10-2014 Piezo materials and actuators in Suzhou, China
Noliac and Noliacs distributor in China, Harbin Core Tomorrow, attended the conference and exhibition IWMPA in Suzhou on September 22nd-25th. During the four days, the conference touched upon a number of relevant topics for Noliac. Noliac and Noli...
24-09-2014 How we got our smart actuators in the air and into space
Noliac speaks about how to move smart actuation technology forward to products at the conference “Smart Actuation Applications” on September 30th 2014. The conference is arranged by The Institution of Mechanical Engineers and hosted by Rolls-Royce Le...

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We are more than a supplier

We provide more than piezo products and systems. We are your piezo partner and we help you get the right product or customize our products the right way. We provide highly qualified expertise that we apply to your specific challenge to find the right solution in collaboration with you.


It takes a piezo partner...





Noliac at the IWMPA in Suzhou, China

Noliac Area Sales Manager Guillaume Rémi Cadiou represented Noliac Group at the IWMPA conference on piezoelectric materials and applications in actuators in Suzhou, China on September 22nd-25th. The event gave an interesting update on the status of the innovation efforts in China.


Noliac in China...



Conference in Derby: Smart actuation applications

On September 30th 2014, Noliac will give a presentation at the conference “Smart Actuation Applications”on how we got our smart piezo actuators in the air and into space. The focus of the conference is how you move from smart technology to smart products.

How we got our smart actuators in the air and into space...



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