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19-12-2014 4 good reasons to recommend Noliac
In October, Noliac conducted a customer satisfaction survey showing that 96% of our current customers would recommend Noliac to other companies. The survey shows that we are rated very well in four key areas for Noliac: products, personal service, in...
27-10-2014 It takes your piezo partner to get there!
Noliac is your piezo partner and this is fundamental in getting our advanced technology ready for use in the customer’s products. At the conference, “Smart Actuation Applications”, Noliac presented two examples of successful long-term partnerships. ...
20-10-2014 Piezo materials and actuators in Suzhou, China
Noliac and Noliacs distributor in China, Harbin Core Tomorrow, attended the conference and exhibition IWMPA in Suzhou on September 22nd-25th. During the four days, the conference touched upon a number of relevant topics for Noliac. Noliac and Noli...

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Good result of our customer satisfaction survey

236 customers completed our online satisfaction survey in October. The survey included a range of questions about different aspects of our business and how the customers rate them.




Christmas competition 2014

Noliac Group wishes you a Merry Christmas, and invites you and your colleagues to participate in our competition for piezos from Noliac Group worth €200.00. A correct answer gives you one lot!


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Testing and characterizing pre-production actuators using adapted drivers and sensors?

Then you might be our new colleague in our Research & Development department in Denmark.


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