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On this page, we present research papers written by Noliac employees - sometimes in collaboration with external partners. The papers focus on different areas of piezo technology relevant for Noliac ranging from piezoceramic materials, piezo actuators, amplified actuators, piezo motors etc. The papers have all been published in magazines or in connection to a conference.

Noliac publications

Puplications presented at or published in

Name of the publication

Actuator 2016

Dynamic characterization of an amplified piezoelectric actuator
By Raimundas Lucinskis
Full characterisation of PZT actuators in quasi-static, large signal operation at elevated temperature
By Charles Mangeot and Bjørn Andersen
Reliability enhancement through the use of fusing technique
By Charles Mangeot
Temperature dependency of the hysteresis behaviour of PZT actuators using Preisach model
By Charles Mangeot and Tiberiu-Gabriel Zsurzsan

Actuator 2014

Bi-directional piezoelectric transformer based converter driving dielectric electro active polymer actuators (PDF)
By Martin S. Rødgaard

Design and testing of non-magnetic motors for MRI application (PDF)
By Charles Mangeot and Rasmus S. Eriksen

Operation of a quasi-static piezomotor in transitory frequency range up to resonance (PDF)
By Charles Mangeot

Actuator 2012

Development of a low Voltage Dielectric Electro-Active Polymer Actuator (PDF)
By Charles Mangeot

Improved Dynamics, Resolution and Repeatability of a Linear Positioning System Through the use of Piezo Actuator Drive (PDF)
By Charles Mangeot

Integrated high voltage power supply utilizing burst mode control and its performance impact on dielectric electro active polymer actuators (PDF)
By Thomas Andersen, Martin S. Rødgaard, Michael A.E. Andersen, Ole C. Thomsen, K. P. Lorenzen, Charles Mangeot and Anders R. Steenstrup

Actuator 2010

Design of Lightweight, Temperature Stable and Highly Dynamic Amplified Piezoelectric Actuators (PDF)
By Charles Mangeot, Bjørn Andersen and Ross Hilditch

AIAA BMD conference 2011

Advances in Piezoelectric Actuator Technologies for Defense Systems (PDF)
By Charles Mangeot

Euspen 2012

High Resolution and Repeatability of a Linear Drive Through the use of Piezo Actuator Drive (PDF)
By Charles Mangeot

ICAT 2008 conference

Piezoelectric Multilayer Triaxial Accelerometer (PDF)
By Charles Mangeot, Bjørn Andersen and Miroslav Havránek

IMechE seminar “Piezoelectric actuation” 2009

New Actuators for Aerospace (PDF)
By Charles Mangeot, Bjørn Andersen and Ross Hilditch

International Adaptronic Congress 2011

Development of Lead-Free Piezoceramics and Implementation in Multilayer Actuators (PDF)
By D. Flaschenträger, J. Nuffer, C. Groh, E. Sapper, W. Jo, L. Gjødvad and J. Rödel

International Symposium on the Applications of Ferroelectrics 2010

Piezo-based Servomotor for Demanding Applications (PDF)
By Charles Mangeot and Bjørn Andersen

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