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Customized design

Noliac designs, develops and manufactures customized piezoelectric material, components, actuators and plug-and-play piezo solutions of high quality. We are market leading in our product quality and also in our level of custom design possibilities. This makes us your piezo partner.

Market leading product customization
We offer a degree of product customization unlike any other in the industry. We provide this service based on our broad expertise with piezo technology and flexible manufacturing processes. 

Component or plug-and-play solutions
Noliac offers our high quality piezoelectric components as both monolayer and multilayer products with market leading performance and reliability. We also offer to design plug-and-play piezoelectric solutions such as sensors, transducers or motors based on extensive experiences in the field.

Product development and design
To maintain our leading position in the market, we continuously extend our manufacturing capabilities. We constantly push the boundaries of piezo technology to develop and design new products or improve the performance of our existing products.

We have listed the possibilities for customization for each of our product types.

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