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A powerful and precise mechatronic system
Noliac's piezo motor, the Piezo Actuator Drive (PAD), is a mechatronic system using the linear motion of high performance piezoelectric multilayer actuators to create a powerful and precisely controllable rotation. This ensures a significant reduction of weight, size and complexity of the PAD motor compared to electromagnetic servomotors including gearing, brake and sensors. 

Where can the PAD technology be used?
The reduced complexity combined with the power and precision of the PAD, ensures a wide usage of the PAD. For instance, the PAD technology can be used in industrial, medical and robotic applications, e.g.: 

  • Extreme environment remote handling
  • Equipment for magnetic resonance
  • Beam steering

A compact and reliable design
The unique piezo motor consists of very few components compared to servo-controlled drive systems. This gives the PAD a more straightforward, compact and therefore much more reliable design. Furthermore, unlike other piezo motors, the PAD doesn’t rely on friction, which confers unique features.

We currently offer these piezo motor designs



  • Positioning repeatability and resolution (arc second or few tens of microradians range) without encoders/decoders
  • No gearbox required, no backlash
  • No overshooting


  • High acceleration and deceleration without e-brake (low inertia)
  • Slow and precise motion possible (from 0 rpm)
  • Speed is independent of load


  • High torque without gearbox/no backlash 
  • Overload protection


  • Synchronization of multiple PADs possible
  • No power consumption when holding a load
  • No magnetic stray fields

Customization possibilities

  • Scalability in terms of power, speed and torque
  • Extreme environment: strong magnetic fields, radiation or UHV

We currently offer these customization possibilities

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