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Customization of transducers

We offer customized piezoelectric transducers based on both single and multilayer piezo. We provide expertise on developing the optimal design solution as well as the manufacturing of high quality transducers. We also apply our know-how to optimize your existing transducers. 

Any kind of piezoelectric device
We can custom design any kind of piezoelectric transducer if the design is feasible in terms of specifications. Here are some common types of piezoelectric devices we offer to customize:

  • Sonic and ultrasonic transducers
  • Ignition systems
  • Ammunition powering and initiation
  • Push buttons
  • Piezoelectric transformers
  • Resonance transducers
  • Wide band transducers

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If you have any questions about piezo transducers or want more information, please use our Request for Quote form or contact sales.

Noliac piezo transducer capabilities

We offer our customization expertise on piezo transducers in two ways - click for more information in the options below.

Examples of custom designed transducers

A piezo partner - what do we mean by that

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We give you a competitive advantage by using our extensive knowledge to customize and optimize your piezo products. Thus, we will be your long-term piezo partner. Send your request today.

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