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Actuator 2016: Enhanced reliability with damage tolerant actuator stacks

Noliac will present four papers at the conference Actuator 2016 in Bremen, Germany, March 13-15. Noliac will also exhibit piezoelectric products such as the shear stacks XYZ, the amplified actuator, the non-magnetic piezo motor and our upcoming product, the damage tolerant actuator stack.
Actuator 2016: Enhanced reliability with damage tolerant actuator stacks

Presentations of piezoelectric findings
In December 2015, Noliac submitted four abstracts for the Actuator 2016 conference. All four abstracts have been approved by the conference committee, and the final papers will be presented at the conference. Charles Mangeot, Senior R&D Engineer at Noliac, explains why Noliac will present papers at Actuator:

- Actuator is the leading forum in the world of smart actuators. Here, researchers and engineers working with piezoelectric technology meet to present and discuss new findings. Because of the high professional level, the conference is the perfect forum to present our work on piezoelectric technology. Here, we have the opportunity to discuss both theory and practice with our peers. We look forward to presenting our papers and discussing the conclusions at the conference.

When and where
Noliac’s presentations:

  • Temperature Dependency of the Hysteresis Behaviour of PZT Actuators Using Preisach Model
    Oral presentation A1.2 in the Session "Piezoelectric Actuators" on 13 June 2016 at 11:20 ‒ 11:40.
  • Dynamic Characterization of an Amplified Piezoelectric Actuator
    Oral presentation A1.6 in the Session "Piezoelectric Actuators" on 13 June 2016 at 12:40 ‒ 13:00
  • Reliability Enhancement Through the Use of Fusing Technique
    Poster presentation P 06 in the Poster Session "Piezoelectric Actuators" on 13 June 2016 at 17:30 ‒ 19:30.
  • Full Characterisation of PZT Actuators in Quasi-Static, Large Signal Operation at Elevated Temperature
    Poster presentation P 05 in the Poster Session "Piezoelectric Actuators" on 13 June 2016 at 17:30 ‒ 19:30. 

Read short versions of the four abstracts below.

If you have any questions about the papers presented at Actuator 2016, please contact Charles Mangeot at cm@noliac.com.


“Temperature dependency of the hysteresis behaviour of PZT actuators using Preisach model”
By Charles Mangeot, Senior R&D Engineer at Noliac

The Preisach model is a powerful tool for modelling the hysteresis phenomenon on multilayer piezo actuators under large signal excitation. In this paper, measurements at different temperatures are presented, showing the effect on the density of the Preisach matrix. An energy-based approach is presented, aiming at defining a temperature-dependent phenomenological model of hysteresis for a better understanding of the non-linear effects in piezo actuators.

“Dynamic Characterization of an Amplified Piezoelectric Actuator”
By Raimundas Lucinskis, R&D Engineer at Noliac 

The amplified actuator is based upon low voltage piezoelectric ceramic multilayer stacks for systems requiring lighter actuators with temperature stability and high resonance frequency. The diamond construction makes the actuator mass lower and optimizes stiffness, allowing operation at higher frequency compared to other amplification solutions. The amplified actuator uses four piezoelectric stacks, connected in pairs. Each stack is hinged at its ends and maintained in place with a small angle. The whole assembly is preloaded through the use of a tension member maintaining the fixed members in place. This paper presents the dynamic characterization of amplified actuators considering force, voltage and temperature limits.

“Reliability enhancement through the use of fusing technique”
By Charles Mangeot, Senior R&D Engineer at Noliac

Fusing is sometimes used for multilayer ceramic capacitors in order to improve their tolerance to cracking, particularly under external stress. The approach can be applied to stacked “chip” multilayer actuators, where a fuse effectively allows further operation after one or more individual failures. Statistical analysis indicates that the probability of failure is greatly reduced. Experimentation confirmed the enhanced lifetime and independence of the failures with limited impact on the operational envelope of the actuators.

“Full characterisation of PZT actuators in quasi-static, large signal operation at elevated temperature”
By Charles Mangeot, Senior R&D Engineer at Noliac

Optimising a piezo-based application over a wide temperature range can be challenging. In this paper, a method is proposed to characterise the operating envelope of actuators over temperature. Measurements are presented, highlighting how the specification of a product evolves with temperature and providing a powerful tool for designers to verify and optimise their application.

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