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At the heart of your nanopositioning system

With two weeks lead time on custom designs and cost effective solutions for batches down to one unit, Noliac is the preferred independent supplier of piezo actuators for nanopositioning systems. Further, Noliac actuators match our customers' demanding requirements regarding e.g. UHV compatibility, non-magnetism, operation at cryogenic temperature and other options.
At the heart of your nanopositioning system

Unique piezo stack custom designs
As Noliac's multilayer piezoelectric stack actuators are made of two or several single actuators glued together, the ring or plate stacks can easily be manufactured to match the heart of your nanopositioning system.

The standard lead time for stacking of stock parts is two weeks, and we have cost effective solutions for batches down to just one unit.

Search Tool – find the actuator matching your requirements
Use our Search Tool to find the actuator matching the requirements of your application. You simply choose the performance or dimensions required by your actuator and you will get a list of solutions.

Ultra high vacuum (UHV)
Noliac piezos are available in versions especially designed for ultra high vacuum, UHV, applications. Testing exhibits low outgassing levels proving the UHV compatibility even of stacked piezo actuators with glue, solder, flux and wires.

Ultra high vacuum is the vacuum regime characterized by pressures lower than about 10−7 pascal or 100 nanopascals (~10−9 torr). Extreme cleanliness and low out gassing are essential parameters in sustaining the vacuum level in such systems. Elevated temperature compatibility is often needed since water vapour and other trace gasses are removed from the system during a "bake-out".

Find out more about how we design according to your UHV application  

Cryogenic temperatures
At cryogenic temperatures, the Noliac stack actuators are still working. The mechanical and electrical properties are reduced, but the piezoelectric ceramic behaves like a very hard piezoelectric material featuring:

  • Strong reduction of electrical capacitance
  • Reduction of loss factor/reduced hysteresis
  • Reduced strain coefficients d33 and d31
  • Strong increase of the coercive field strength

The last point means, that at low temperatures a piezoelectric actuator becomes extremely stable against electrical depoling and other destabilizing effect. So a much wider bipolar operation compared to room temperature is possible now. Thereby, the loss in stroke for low temperature can be partially compensated for.

Other options
Noliac offers several options, which makes the integration of the actuators into the nanopositioning system a lot easier:  

Click on each option for more information.

Independent supplier
Noliac is an independent supplier of piezo actuators for nanopositioning systems, as we do not manufacture nanopositioning systems or stages ourselves. Our core competence is to design and manufacture the perfect actuator of high quality and reliability according to your needs.

Further information
For further information on our solutions for your nanopositioning system, please contact us using our Request for Quote form or contact sales.

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