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Successful completion of the AeroPZT project

Noliac participated in the EU funded AeroPZT project to develop piezoelectric products to help improve the environmental impact of the aerospace industry. The project has been an overall success, and resulted in the development of new products that can be used in aerospace as well as other industries.
Successful completion of the AeroPZT project

Project results will generate more business for European companies
On April 20, 2016 Noliac participated in the final meeting of the AeroPZT project, funded by the CleanSky Joint Undertaking.  The aim of the project was the “Development of materials, processes and means to enable the application of piezoelectric materials in aero engine controls”.  

All members of the consortium expressed their satisfaction with the project outcome, achieved through successful pan-European collaboration. This has resulted in exploitable products and a significant number of academic and industrial dissemination activities, ultimately generating business for European companies in agreement with the main objective of European funded projects. 

New Noliac products and complete characterization data
Noliac has been responsible for developing and delivering the piezoceramic material as well as designing and manufacturing the multilayer actuator to the AeroPZT project. Charles Mangeot, Senior R&D Engineer at Noliac, participated in the AeroPZT project for Noliac. He stated:

“The AeroPZT project has been very fruitful from a technical point of view. For Noliac, this project contributed to the development of our range of high-temperature stacks. The project also enabled us to perform advanced tests on our products, providing highly valuable data. This resulted in a number of publications, presentations and technical content on our website, but most importantly we now have more complete characterization data, which helps us and our customers find the optimum piezo design."

Successful collaboration of four partners
The results of the project will undoubtedly lead to new applications, and all the partners in the consortium are looking forward to a continued collaboration. The Project Coordinator, Hugo Marques, Senior Project Leader at TWI Ltd., expressed his thanks to all of the partners for their participation in the project, enabling a successful collaboration. 

The AeroPZT project has been a collaboration of these four partners:

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