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Valuable input at IWPMA 2015

Noliac attended the IWPMA 2015 in Vilnius, Lithuania, and our three representatives enjoyed the many interesting lectures at the conference. In addition, Noliac senior R&D engineer Charles Mangeot held a presentation on designing applications for high temperature environment.
Valuable input at IWPMA 2015

Valuable input for future projects
Noliac constantly seeks to extend the limits of piezo technology. Therefore, conferences like IWPMA are perfect forums to gather valuable input for future projects and to discuss new findings with top piezo researchers. Charles Mangeot explains:

- Conferences like IWPMA attract top piezo researchers from around the world, so naturally it is interesting for Noliac to see what different research groups are working on. There were several interesting talks, particularly about non-linearity and loss mechanisms. In addition, it was interesting to observe that piezo applications are more mature, and therefore modeling and control to optimize the applications were in focus. Finally, I received positive feedback about my presentation and valuable input for further work.

Great variety in piezo research worldwide
The conference showed there is a great variety in what the different piezo research groups focus on. The presentations at the conference focused on two main paths in piezo technology. Noliac R&D engineer Raimundas Lucinskis explains:

- The focus was either piezoelectric material development, or improvement of piezo-based systems and widening the areas for applications. Within these two basic piezo areas, the research is widespread.  Some research focuses on developing new piezoelectric materials; others on minimizing the size of piezo motors or transformers. Naturally, there are many other research areas. I work mainly on piezo motors, so for me, some of the most interesting presentations were about reducing friction in contact surfaces of mechanical pairs to reduce mechanical losses. Generally speaking, there were many interesting presentations.

R&D engineer Lukáš Rusyniak from Noliac Ceramics attended the IWPMA as well.

Photo: Charles Mangeot, Raimundas Lučinskis and Lukáš Rusyniak (left to right).

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