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25% more stroke of 2x2x2 mm actuator

Noliac’s 2x2x2 mm multilayer piezo actuator has 25% higher free stroke than competitive products. Displacement is 2.8 μm and it is available for stacking granting you up to 21 μm free stroke. This is unique in the world of nanomotion.

Ceramic Multilayer Actuator

Noliac's single ceramic multilayer actuators, plates and rings, can be stacked. Thereby, the height can be made according to your needs. Noliac's stacking technology also offers a unique manufacturing flexibility as any actuator height can be made from a defined number of single actuators.

2x2 mm stack

Small with high displacement

The Ceramic Multilayer Actuator Plate 12 (CMAP12) has been produced by Noliac previously, but has now become a standard product due to increased demand.

- The CMAP12 has very high stroke within very small dimensions, Global Sales Manager Cedric Goueffon states. – The 2x2x2 mm grants you more than 25% higher stroke than  competitive products, and our ability to stack the component 10 times is unique.

- If you need precision in miniature form, this is your solution! It can fit anywhere, Cedric adds up.


Specifications on single actuator, CMAP12


Specifications on stacked actuators, SCMAP12


Product facts:
SCMAP12 Value: Tolerance:
Length/outer diameter
2 mm
+0.3/-0.1 mm
Width/inner diameter
2 mm
+0.3/-0.1 mm
Width max/ Outer diameter max
(including bus wire and solder material, no wire)
3.8 mm
(see table below)
4 - 20 mm

+/-0.2 mm

or +/-1%*

Operating voltage
120 V
Free stroke
2.4 - 21 µm
Blocking force
160 N
34 - 310 nF
67 - 7.5 N/µm
Maximum operating temperature
150 °C
Curie temperature
350 °C
Unloaded resonance frequency
>250 k - >52  
External electrodes Screen-printed Ag & soldered bus wire
Wires Optional

* Whichever is largest


For stacks higher than 10mm, it may be necessary to add a support within the application in order to avoid bending and buckling during mounting and operation.


Stack options:
Height Stroke Capacitance
4 mm 2.4 µm 34 nF
6 mm 4.8 µm 68 nF
8 mm 7.1 µm 100 nF
10 mm 9.5 µm 140 nF
12 mm 11.9 µm 170 nF
14 mm 14.3 µm 200 nF
16 mm 16.7 µm 240 nF
18 mm 19 µm 270 nF
20 mm 21.4 µm 310 nF



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