Piezo systems
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Amplified actuators


Download Noliac Amplified Actuators datasheet (pdf)

The Noliac amplified diamond actuator allows large controllable displacements, stability with varying temperatures together with high forces for a minimal weight.


The diamond frame is more compact than many commercially available amplification systems. In addition, the lower mass and optimised stiffness imply higher mechanical resonance compared to other solutions, allowing operation at higher frequency.

The amplified actuator will find applications in systems requiring large controllable displacements together with high forces for a minimal weight.

Extract of combinations
The combinations of the amplified actuators in the diagram below are based upon Noliac plate actuators of different sizes, e.g. 3x3 mm, 5x5 mm, 7x7 mm, 10x10 mm and 15x15 mm.


The combinations are numerous, so please contact us for further discussion on your needs.


Amplified actuator



  Length Width Heght Weight Free stroke Blocking force Ampli-fication
  mm mm mm g µm N  
A 106 10 29 90 720 280 12.5
B 100 13 34 145 500 700 10
C 88 10 35 85 220 760 5

Operating voltage: 150



High stability with high temperatures

Amplified actuators are very often unstable in temperature due to the differential thermal expansion between the piezoelectric element and the amplification frame. Due to a built-in differential configuration, the Noliac amplified actuator is temperature stable.

This is an advantage in fields such as aeronautics, space, optics, military applications and others where you wish for high stroke, high force and low weight.

The amplified actuator principle


Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements. Noliac can run a development project to design and manufacture the actuator that will fit your application.


Noliac diamond actuator datasheet



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